‘Our mission is to help others around the world eliminate their struggle with weight and experience the incredible benefits of a whole-foods plant based diet.’

Our mission to help others in this way was born out of an experiment that we conducted between ourselves to better understand a whole foods plant based diet for our bodies.

With identical genetics, and near on identical workout routines, we knew that we could compare a typical diet in the fitness industry against a wholefoods, plant-based one.

So, one cold Monday morning we woke at 6 am to plan our schedule for the month. We planned out exactly how we’d be exercising and made sure that we had identical routines.

We wanted our results to be as accurate as possible and it was clear that we could really have a fair experiment. We got our blood work tested, and our cholesterol and blood pressure readings was exactly the same. Who would have guessed?

So we were starting off our own experiment from exactly the same starting position.

Identical twins. Identical genetics. Identical test results at the beginning. This was going to be interesting.

One month into our experiment, we could already start to see some drastic differences. Robbie (One the Whole-foods Plant Based diet) was consistently able to get a little less sleep, and had more energy in the evenings. Whereas Justin, who was consuming a diet higher in protein and fat (advocated by the fitness industry) was shattered in the evenings, and felt that after working out, it was incredibly difficult to find the energy to do anything.

What was interesting is that a divide in blood pressure and cholesterol was beginning to show, with the whole-foods plant based diet proving to be favourable. But what’s even more staggering is that after just 1 month it had seen a drop in weight of 9 lbs, without really trying. It wasn’t muscle, because we’d both been following the same routines and were continuing to workout at the same pace and same weights.

Then after 2 months, the divide had grown even further. The whole-foods plant based diet had produced a blood pressure that was 110 over 70, which is known in America to be the ‘perfect’ score. Cholesterol levels were also very positive, and after just 2 months, body fat percentage had gone from approximately 16% down to 10.5%, where the high protein/high fat diet had seen no shift in weight.

But none of these metrics meant anything compared to how Robbie felt. With Robbie on the whole-foods plant based diet, and Justin on the high protein/high fat diet we were amazed by the differences in both diets, but over and above it all, the energy levels were mountains higher on a whole-foods plant based diet.

As Justin found it more and more challenging with time, just a few days after the 2 month results, he made the switch too.

Our message in getting into the right size body has always focused on minimising a restrictive diet, and not counting calories. Using clear principles, our message was loved and shared with many of our early clients.

But with both of us working full time, it became incredibly hard to manage and serve everyone to level in which we wanted to. With a positive turn of events, Justin was able to work full time on TheHoltTwins business to better serve each and every one of you going through your very own plant-based transformation.

Are you ready to begin yours?


Robbies story

I was born in the summer of 1991 in a small hospital in somerset. When I returned home, with Justin of course, it was to a small home in the South West of England in Devon. The place was a building site at the time, but what I remember so vividly is that back garden, and the number of times Justin and I would use it to play sports it clearly wasn’t big enough for. Tennis, badminton, cycling, and running we're just some of the sports Justin and I used to play in this tiny garden which was so desperately trying to not turn into a bog pit.

At the age of 11, I entered my first cross country race and being Devon, it was just a short walk away. The conditions were horrendous and I managed to finish the race in second place overall. Maybe the conditions were so awful that many of the good runners didn’t show up, but I didn’t know that at the time. The result of almost winning this race, gave birth to my competitive trait, and I fell in love with the sport and competition associated with it.

Throughout school I doubt my attendance would have been what it was if I didn’t have an opportunity to play sports each and every day. Basketball in the morning break, then football or cross country running at lunch. I was in love with competition and always wanted to win. This love, and dedication to the sport meant that in the later years of secondary school I had an opportunity to run in the nationals for England. There were three stages, but I was committed to get through each one to get there. Once I made it, I was totally out of my depth with competitors who were so well prepared, had personal coaches and I’d just turned up with Justin (also running) and my parents.

After this race, where I finished in the half that struggled and made the winning half possible, I was beginning to fall out of love with running.

I wasn’t sure why at the time, but I knew I wanted a break from the constance competitions and start to enjoy my weekends as a teenager. This didn’t last long, as I soon started playing squash and filling my saturdays repeatedly hitting a ball against a wall. I loved the sport, but had very few opportunities to compete.

It was at this stage in my life where I started to look at my own body (It actually looked a little odd, due to the fact that my right shoulder was clearly bigger than my left) and quickly came to the conclusion that I’d gained some fat due to the fact that I’d given up running. The intense training where I’d burn 500+ calories a night, or the races that were so intense felt like they’d consumed well in excess of that. I was convinced that I should get back into running once again, and so I joined my old club.

Only now, I was old enough to begin competing in much longer distance races, and this spurred a newly competitive edge. Could I be the youngest winner in these races? It was at this point, running these races, that my diet became an important part of the success of any race I competed in.

Up until then I just hadn’t second guessed it, and eaten whatever I could get my hands on. How could I have possibly thought that a box of cookies would fuel me as well as fruits and vegetables. But it wasn’t at this point when I made my transition to a plant-based diet.

That came years later, when I’d taken a stand back from running, and wanted to build some muscle. Was I following a trend? Perhaps. But I wanted to look a certain way, and have a certain physique that I just wasn’t achieving through running these audacious distances.

It was here that I remember looking at my shape just thinking ‘I may be skinny, but I’m not in great shape’. So diet became a big part of my training - I tried my very best at University on my £15-£20 a week budget, but knew that I was rarely eating enough.

While I dabbled into the corporate world following my graduation, my health took a back foot, and I couldn’t have felt any worse for it. I was working every waking hour in London and just couldn’t understand why. I thought that it was just something I had to do. I officially entered the most unhappy phase of my life, and felt completely trapped.

In a turn of events, Justin did more than he knew for me when he called up one evening to say that he was moving in before his trip to the states. In the cold, lonely corporate world I’d stopped exercising altogether, and put no thought into my food, so I rarely had any energy.

Justin and I had been working on a summer camp on the east coast of America for a number of years through the time I was at University, and I’d decided to commit to the corporate world and not return to camp once again. However, one morning my old camp director reached out and said that he needed me to talk to me. I left the office without thinking and made the call. He stressed that he needed someone to run the waterfront at his camp that year, and no one else could do it. At the time, I would have done it for free, because the conversation I had with him just felt like home. I was speaking to someone who cared and it felt like a long time since I’d experienced that.

I would have gone for free, but with the added bonus of being paid a healthy salary, I just couldn’t say no. I knew that I’d love one last summer in the states, and I could return to England with a new plan, and start fresh.

While I was in London I just couldn’t believe how poor my diet and lifestyle was. I didn’t help myself, but I knew that when I returned back to England, I needed a new structure, and a new plan.

Realising that I didn’t know enough about nutrition, I spent every waking hour of my time going through course after course, and fell in love with the subject, but became increasing concerned with the way in which it’s governed.

Now with qualifications in Food, Sports and Exercise nutrition, I’d fixed my diet, and I was the healthiest I’d been. But one evening while comparing the nutritional value of all the foods I was eating, I began to question why I would consume such a high number of calories in one food to gain just one nutrient. It seemed odd at the time, but when comparing animal and dairy products against their plant-based alternatives (Plant Milk, Legumes, Soy products), I couldn’t quite understand why I’d been eating them all my life for protein, when I could get plenty of protein in my diet without those products.

Armed with this realisation, Justin and I had to try it out for ourselves, and saw outstanding results (Read more in the About Us section).

Following our experiment, I gathered as much information as I could and read study after study to understand why we weren’t all consuming a plant-based diet to improve our health. But it just didn’t make sense on any account, and so we set out our big, hairy goal to provide a solution for anyone who wants to lose excess fat and keep it off in the most sustainable manner, consuming the healthiest foods on the planet.

It was clear from the studies I’d read, and knowledge amassed, that almost every diet out there felt like a diet, but a vegan one could seamlessly fit into your life without being a ‘diet’, and this is something we had to share.

What we’ve created fills me with such gratitude each and every day, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this incredibly important movement we’re a part of.

Justin's Story

Coming soon.