Free Vegan Recipes in one Ebook!

100+ Recipe Free Vegan Ebook

When it comes to vegan food, variety is key, and so we've made just about everything you can think of. Main meals, snacks, sweets, and even a vegan parmasan. It's all here for you, Free of charge. All we ask is that you share our creations on social media.

Share the love, and make a recipe for your friends and family.



Loads of Vegan Curries!

It's no secret that we love vegan curries! They're so easy to make and they taste amazing. You'll find tones in this eBook .

Our goal with every curry is a really well rounded macronutrient profile to help you build a healthy body using a plant-based diet. You'll notice this through the use of greens, legumes and different proteins.


Pasta, Buddha Bowls and More

We've made everything from pesto to spaghetti Bolognese using only plants and the end result it amazing. Once upon a time we weren't vegan at all and we loved pesto and spaghetti. Come on, who didn't!

So we've made a special effort to perfect those dishes that you may miss if you're new to the plant-based diet.


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